Ponder for a moment the impact of real estate decision throughout the stages of our lives. From faint recollections of the places we were born to find memories of the homes we grew up in, real estate frames the backdrop of our childhoods. None of us feel ready to become first time home buyers, but life has a way of prodding us along. Desire for independence overcomes fear of responsibility and we become owners. Out first condominiums may not be spectacular but the pride of ownership is empowering, enlightening, and contagious.

Wedding bells chime and, for a spell, townhouse is where the hear it. The magic of childbirth brings forth a new set of concerns over neighborhood amenities, school district rankings, and side yard setbacks. As the family grows, private space comes at a premium for both adolescents and adults alike. When did she grow to be a beauty and how did he get to be so tall? Hopefully our investments are sufficient to cover the cost of higher education and help put the kids into their own first homes.

Then, an empty nest creates opportunity for flight. Perhaps a cozy cottage in the mountains or a lifestyle community on the golf course is in order.

The team at Olympia Capital Corporation is here to help you grow.

Meet the Team

Steve Jones
Steve JonesPresident/Broker
Rod Victoria Jr.
Rod Victoria Jr.Realtor
Christine Nguyen
Christine NguyenRealtor
Suzette Dang
Suzette Dang